NeighborWorks America, a leader in the national marketplace of housing counseling and education, is pleased to bring NeighborWorks Compass, a groundbreaking new CMS, to market.


Increasing the Effectiveness & Efficiency of Counselors

  • Standard and custom reporting, including simplified and accurate HUD 9902. 
  • Automated customer milestones for tracking across service types. 
  • Counselor home page for monitoring entire counseling pipeline. 
  • Training course administration. 
  • User-friendly how-to-guides that cover system features and functionality.

Growing Organizational Stability

  • Online payments. 
  • Automated customer triage. 
  • Outsourced services tracking. 
  • Funding management. 
  • Financial metrics dashboard. 
  • Customizable service lines. 

Enhancing Customer Experience & Impact

  • Customizable customer portal. 
  • Task assignments. 
  • Automated follow up. 
  • Real-time, two-way document sharing. 
  • Flexible connection via computer or phone. 

Additional Features in Development

  • Tri-merge soft credit pull. 
  • Interactive budget tool. 
  • Dynamic action plan tool. 
  • Aggregate dashboard views for funders and intermediaries. 
Read more about the counseling-focused features that will dramatically improve your impact. and explore FAQs about the system's advanced functionality.