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Outcome Evaluation

Neighborworks-image-90Success Measures, a social enterprise within NeighborWorks America, helps nonprofit organizations and their funders measure the impact of their community development efforts and investments.

Through a process that builds evaluation capacity and engages community stakeholders, Success Measures helps plan evaluation strategies, collect and analyze data, and communicate results.

Services and products:

  • Consulting and technical assistance. Clients choose from a variety of options that best address their level of need and expertise. Services include evaluation planning, assistance selecting measurement tools, introductory workshops, and on-site coaching.
Our new suite of health tools can help measure the health-related outcomes of community development programs
  • Measurement tools. Success Measures offers more than 350 customizable data collection instruments that can be used to measure the results of community development programs, including housing, neighborhood revitalization, financial capability, community engagement. Our newest suite of health tools can help measure the health-related outcomes of these and other community development programs.
  • Technology. The Success Measures Data System is a custom, web-based platform that allows subscribers to manage all phases of their evaluation process efficiently and affordably and to easily tabulate, store and report the results.
Success Measures has assisted nearly 900 nonprofit organizations and their partners in evaluating a range of community development strategies. The resulting data has been used locally to improve programs, document results and attract resources. Learn more at

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What Counts?
Explore the benefits and challenges of using shared measures in community development work.
Written by Maggie Grieve, of Success Measures. Published by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and The Urban Institute.