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Our Network

Serving through experts on the ground

Community challenges are best solved at the community level. That’s the strength of the NeighborWorks model. We provide the resources, technical support and training that local leaders need to operate at peak efficiency and innovation.

Organizations aspiring to join our network are rigorously assessed. Each of the nearly 250 nonprofits that have “passed the test” are audited regularly to assure they maintain the high standards that justify your confidence.

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Why are we a “Network of Excellence?”

For more than 35 years, the NeighborWorks network has included some of the best community development and affordable housing organizations in the nation.

What do we mean by “best”?

We conduct rigorous assessments of all our network organizations annually and they report to us quarterly. Our network remains strong through the regular evaluation of the following.

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Production and Program Services

We look for sustainable lines of business that support the mission of the organization, have a positive impact on the community and employ industry best practices.

Management, Staffing and Personnel

We evaluate human resource systems including policies and procedures, staff evaluation practices, and staff development.

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Resource and Financial Managment

We assess if the organization has the resources needed to accomplish its mission, and maintains a financial management system that safeguards its assets.


We look to see if the organization has a business plan that supports the strategic goals of the organization, and if the organization regularly evaluates itself against that plan.

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Organizational Management and Board Governance

We look for an effective partnership between the board and senior leadership that results in fulfillment of mission and the safeguarding of resources.

Technical Operating and Compliance Systems

We assess if the organization has the technical infrastructure it needs to monitor performance, ensure compliance with regulations, and report to funders and partners.

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