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When communities struggle, whatever the cause, a unique opportunity exists to look past immediate needs and focus on long-term recovery. NeighborWorks America is committed to seizing this opportunity by helping to build resilient communities with vibrant economies, employment opportunities, strong businesses and stable housing markets in which families want to invest. 

Resilient communities are built to last. So when challenges and disruptions happen, these communities have the resources and the infrastructure in place to bounce back in sustainable ways.

Creative Community Development

Community mural painted in bright colors on a fenceAs part of comprehensive community development efforts, we sought to capture what art, culture and creativity can contribue to creating equitable and engaged communities. Learn more about our creative community development efforts and how NeighborWorks network organizations have incorporated arts to address community issues like gentrification, leverage partnerships and adapt to the unexpected. 

Disaster Relief, Recovery and Preparedness

This year, many states faced unprecedented winter storms, and many areas have to contend with disasters each year. Planning and preparing for disasters needs to be an ongoing process. NeighborWorks network organizations have deep, on-the-ground experience in helping residents and communities prepare for, survive and recover from natural disasters and continue to provide services, counseling and referrals to aid in a recovery that can require years.